WARPLANE LEGENDS is a unique, cartoon, mobile dogfighting game for android and iOS I was working on at Crimson Pine Games over the last 1,5 year. I am the art director and I was working on the visual development and advertising graphics for that project (2D, 3D, modeling, texturing, rendering)
The game is set in a lowpoly/paper artstyle. In this project you will find illustrations, concepts and posters I did.
If you would like to play the beta version of warplane legends, please drop us an email to legends@crimsonpine.com.
To get more news and updates about the game plese visit:
Hope you like it!!!
Key visual:
The Red Baron
Sunset flight
Night formation
Take that!
Airfield scene concept:
poster design:
Our main hero - the brave pilot Stefan:
Some of the planes, that are in the game:
It took some time before we figured everything out.
These are the very first concepts:
And a small bonus:
Thank you sooo much for watching and appreciating!
You can follow my work on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.
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